Startup Sooner Podcast : Episode 011 – Fords And Flapjacks

Today we will be talking with Jeff And Theresa Beck from Becks Garage. We will be talking about small business, growing that business, community, local, and what it takes to become an 25 year icon business in your city.

Startup Sooner Podcast : Episode 010 – Apple Guy Says “Android Is Easy”

Today we will be talking with John Cope. John is the owner of the company Epic Otter. He is just about to release an app named Buildaga that will bridge the gap between construction contractors and customers. This app will revolutionize how construction contracting business is done and help build better business relationships.

Startup Sooner Podcast : Episode 009 – Leadership And Fozzie The Bear

Today’s episode we talk to Dave Evans from The Evans Group and the podcast Bold Leadership. We will be speaking about what it takes to be successful as an entrepreneur and how to lead and motivate your employees to achieve more.

Startup Sooner Podcast : Episode 008 – Hot Dogs And Hail Marys

This epidode we talk with a Deon Whiteside from Bayside Coneys N Cones, a newer food truck here in OKC. We talk about what it takes to get a business started and specifically what it takes to get into the food truck business.

Startup Sooner Podcast : Episode 007 – Gerald Ford Helping Entrepreneurs

Episode Seven Of The Startup Sooner Podcast is with two great guys from the OKC Entrepreneurial Leadership Center, Tim Wolf and Jay Wright. We discuss TrepEDU an online entrepreneur educational system, the TREPathon, which they have started, along with education, small business, time freeing, and so much more. 

Startup Sooner Podcast : Episode 006 – Thought Leaders and George Carlin

In Episode 006 I sit down with Dan Holmes, the Sr. Content Marketing Specialist With BigWing Interactive, and talk about successful Content Marketing and how it can help your growing business.

Startup Sooner Podcast : Episode 005 – You Don’t Know SEO

Today’s episode will be with Kyle Elrod from BigWing Interactive where he is a SEO Specialist. He will be giving us insights on how SEO can drastically increase your business if done properly.

Startup Sooner Podcast : Episode 004 – A Unique Perspective

In this episode I speak with Rusty Nix from Backerton and many other companies including Neves and Blue 7. He gives us his unique and creative insights from being an entrepreneur and a business owner for many years. He talks on laying down the ground work for the best way to startup a business.

Startup Sooner Podcast : Episode 003 – Kiss, Marry, Kill

In this Episode I talk To Clayton Dorris from BigWing Interactive here in Oklahoma City. He a I discuss what it takes to grow your business through the various way of social media and online marketing.